Vision for Unley

  • LBIISFA and Recrosport, with the continued support of Unley High School, have created a sustainable and well-run multi-use indoor sporting venue at Unley Stadium that has been operating successfully for the last 25 years.
  • LBIISFA is putting forth a vision for the next 25 years to continue to operate, expand and improve upon the offerings provided at Unley Stadium, while embodying the original mission of Life. Be in it.
  • LBIISFA will continue to run the social sporting competition program at Unley Stadium for the benefit of the greater Adelaide community. The organization will also further develop and provide a standardized referee training program available to Unley High School students to provide employment opportunities for students and ensure a pool of available referees for the social sports competition program.
  • LBIISFA also proposes to expand the stadium’s current offerings and provide initiatives that go beyond organized sport. The new leisure opportunities will offer free play activities for 5 to 12-year-old age groups, essentially turning Unley Stadium into a Sports and Leisure facility. This will have a two-fold effect, of increasing the usage and revenue of Unley Stadium, as well as, further systemically increasing the awareness of the Unley High School to pre-high school aged children within relevant local communities.
  • The increased revenue pool generated from new programs and the consistent and professional operation of existing programs will be used in part to funnel into a development pool that will be allocated to Stadium upgrades in conjunction with input from Unley High School.


The “Life. Be in it” mission has not changed since the Norm and Libby advertising campaigns from the 1980s.

“To provide opportunities for all Australians to live a happier and healthier lifestyle”

Why “Life. Be in it”?

The “Life. Be in it” organisation created in the 1980s, what became one of the best-known health campaigns, vertically integrated with community based and in-schools participation activities, in Australian history.

The campaign was aimed at increasing physical activity and general wellbeing among Australians, encouraging them to take control of their health; over 40 years later we operate with the same drivers.

LBIISFA continues this mission today at a grass roots level, by providing opportunities for the school’s community to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The 25-year long partnership between the LBIISFA and the South Australian Government embodies our mission through the successful promotion of organised recreational sport in Adelaide.

The Enduring Business Model

LBIISFA (SA) Inc. (incorporated in 1996) is a community recreation focused, not-for-profit incorporated body. We lever off industry expertise through our long term relationship with our delivery partner, Recrosport Australia, to provide end-to-end indoor recreation centre management.

Sport For All is a well proven collaborative model where the utilisation of school-based centres is maximized through community multi use (when the school is not using it). Through this model, educators and students have exclusivity during predetermined school hours, while after hours it is open for community recreation (other incorporated bodies and organised community sports).

This model provides the maximum community benefit from school owned facilities, reducing the time these facilities remain idle and providing a better financial and operational benefit to the South Australian Government and the school’s community.

Partnership with Unley Stadium

Unley Stadium and LBIISFA partner together to provide a robust program of Junior and Senior social sports competitions to the broader Adelaide community.

This is made possible through the multi-use recreation centre management approach applied at Unley Stadium and developed by LBIISFA, Recrosport Australia and Unley High School.

Social Sports Competitions

The social sports competitions at Unley Stadium have been running consistently and successfully for the last 25 years. The main sports on offer are basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball, and badminton.

Currently, the program runs at full capacity and has expanded to a number of courts at other schools to support participant numbers – around a 1,000 participants per week join in on the social sports competitions.

The program provides huge benefits as involvement in such organised sports competitions is proven to boosts players mental wellbeing, confidence, and physical development. It offers the opportunity for physical activity in a fun, constructive, and inclusive atmosphere.

Due to the success and benefits of this program, LBIISFA plans on continuing to partner with Unley High School in providing the social sports competition program to the school’s community.

Vision for the Future

In order to keep providing best practice level of service, LBIISFA plans to focus on the following as priorities within 25-year vision:

  • Creating a referee development program to provide employment and leadership opportunities for students and maintain a reliable pool of referees for competitions
  • Providing additional programs based on community needs to further utilize the stadium
  • Allocating additional funds, along with Unley High School, to fund improvements to the facilities at Unley Stadium

Referee Traineeship Program

In order to better serve Unley High School and the greater Adelaide Community, LBIISFA, in conjunction with expertise provided by Recrosport Australia, plans to offer a standardized pathway for Unley High School Students to become referees at Unley Stadium.

This will serve to provide students with employment opportunities, but also fill a referee gap which is not only felt at Unley Stadium, but across Adelaide and South Australia.

The training program and employment pathway will be offered specifically to Unley High School students (several of which are already successful referees at Unley Stadium).

The potential with the Referee Traineeship Program is to provide between 35 – 50 students, training and ongoing employment as social sport competition referees. The development of the Referee Traineeship Program will offer the students a pathway towards this employment in the sports and recreation sector.

A Multi-Use Sports and Leisure Facility for the Future

LBIISFA is committed to continuing and building upon this successful partnership with Unley Stadium. We would like to take this opportunity to innovate and expand on what we do in the future.

We want to make sure that the facilities are better utilized and the activities cater to a wider demographic. The message of LBIISFA was started around the idea of getting physically active, which is an idea that expands beyond participating in organized sports.

We want to draw from this message and add another facet to the activities provided by Unley Stadium, turning it into a sport and leisure venue. The plan is to provide a venue for children to be involved in organized free play or to celebrate special events and birthdays, while still being involved in physical activity.

This will be achieved through the employment of an interactive and collapsible adventure course that will be set up on weekends (Friday night through Sunday night) , additionally during School Holidays.

This is a proven model demonstrated by other sporting facilities. It is a perfect fit for Unley Stadium, as it will allow us to better utilize the venue during the time when there are less LBIISFA run competitions, but parents and children have free time to participate in extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the type of equipment employed is proven to be safe and will not damage the court surfaces or any other facility surfaces.

The format of these activities may prove more accessible to some families and a more desirable form of physical activity for children that are not eager to be involved in standardized sporting activities.

If the scheme proves successful, this can be further expanded into outdoor play involving an outdoor inflatable park. A proposed location would be the outdoor school oval.

This would further increase the potential revenue of the venue by ensuring increased patronship during hot summer months when indoor facilities are usually less utilized. This would also add a whole other facet to the venue.

Program Benefits

The addition of free play general admission activities and birthday parties have many potential benefits.

  • Increased venue utilization with weekend and school holidays activities running at full capacity.
  • New focus as a sports and leisure facility providing activities that reach a wider range of participants.
  • Increased exposure and awareness of Unley High School and the programs on offer in the general Adelaide region among the 5 to 12-year-old participant age group, as well as, their parents.
  • Increased revenue from the new activity offerings, allowing for a bigger budget for venue upgrades and renovations.

It is expected that the new proposed offerings will bring thousands more participants to Unley Stadium, many of which would not be otherwise involved in the current programs provided. This will offer additional exposure to Unley High School throughout the Adelaide community, as well as, other programs offered at Unley Stadium.

Starting this program will involve an investment of creating a storage facility in the front of the current storeroom (which is now vacant) this would be financed by LBIISFA and its delivery partner.

Proposed Stadium Upgrades

One of the main aims of this new program revenue is to create a pool of funds for short- and long-term stadium upgrades.

It is proposed that the upgrades would made through a joint contribution by LBIISFA, Recrosport; and the asset owner, Unley High School.

These proposed upgrades would need to be defined further via a detailed financial plan. Some of these would include:

  • Upgrading of the lights in the facility
  • Upgrading the court floorboards
  • Upgrading the entry and reception area
  • Repair, maintenance and protection of building areas that incur continuous damage
  • Expansion of the storage facility (to accommodate for the storage of the new activities)


Life. Be in it Sports For All and Recrosport Australia appreciate the opportunity to continue serving the Adelaide community, in partnership with Unley High School. The partnership has proven to be successful and allowed many to benefit from the multi-use facilities at Unley Stadium. The proposed initiatives for the next 25 years, can only strengthen this partnership and lead to the further improvement of the programs offered at Unley Stadium, in addition to, ensuring the continued maintenance and upgrades of the actual facilities.

We would be pleased to support this document in person, at an appropriate time.

Key Contacts are;

Grant Neville

Chair of the Board

Life. Be in it Sport For All South Australia Inc

Life.Be in it (SA) Inc

Enventive Inc

Ph: 0402 457 118



Darrilyn Wood

Secretary/Public Officer

Life. Be in it Sport For All South Australia Inc

Life.Be in it (SA) Inc

Enventive Inc

Ph: 0417 237 902



Alex Hellriegel

General Manager

Recrosport Pty Ltd

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