Recrosport Development

 Recrosport has acquired unique experience in the development of indoor sports centres throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.

In 25 years of operation, Recrosport has been involved in the successful planning, development, construction and management of more than 100 indoor sports centres. The organisation has also project managed 40 centres in the UK. Recrosport has successfully developed partnership and consultancy models which can guarantee the viability of new indoor sports centre projects and rejuvenate existing underperforming projects.

Recrosport has, over many years, developed an immensely valuable ability to forge partnerships between interested bodies to achieve the successful outcome of a new viable indoor sports centre. Recrosport has often managed new centres, or assumed management of underperforming centres until viability has been achieved. Recrosport currently has ongoing management of three major, highly successful centres in Victoria and South Australia and has now successfully applied its experience and expertise to a wide variety of sports and leisure projects. If your interest is in developing, constructing and managing new centres, improving and refurbishing an existing indoor sports complex, or developing a wider range of programs in an existing centre, Recrosport Consultancy Services can assist.

Recrosport Background


Recrosport was registered as an Australian company in 1990. A formidable team of people experienced in the development of sporting complexes had formed and more than twenty projects were “in hand” in New South Wales and Victoria in 1990 when Recrosport Pty Ltd was incorporated.


In 1991 Recrosport formed a partnership with the ‘Life. Be in it’ campaign, a not-for-profit organisation in the business of promoting healthy lifestyle activities. The result of this partnership was the successful establishment of three major indoor sport centres at Geelong and Cranbourne in Victoria and Unley in South Australia.


From 1995 to 2006 Recrosport took the sports centre models to the United Kingdom. To date, ten centres have been established in the United Kingdom by a separate company formed by Recrosport with four more centres managed by Recrosport. Recrosport has achieved an unrivalled expertise in the development and management of indoor sports facilities and has consultancy services available to offer this expertise to new sporting ventures.

Recrosport Operations


Recrosport’s management model has six main components

– Consultancy Services

– Centre Management

– Staff Management

– Staff Training

– Program Development and Financial Control

– Centre Monitoring and Maintenance Consultancy Services

If your interest is in developing, constructing and managing new centres, improving and refurbishing an existing indoor sports complex or developing a wider range of programs in an existing centre, Recrosport Consultancy Services can assist.


Centre Management


Recrosport gives direction to each centre manager in the performance of his or her duties. In conjunction with the centre manager, the Company establishes job descriptions, selects and appoints appropriate staff, and ensures each staff member is a performing member of the team.


Staff Management


Recrosport employs and supervises all full-time, part-time, and casual staff as required to maintain each centre at peak operating efficiency. The company undertakes responsibility for all relevant statutory requirements.


Staff Training Recrosport educates staff through constant exposure to new experiences and practices. The Company conducts in-house seminars. conferences and workshops to focus on new directions and holds annual conferences for the full-time staff at all centres. An established career structure provides an effective in-house training system for new and experienced staff.


Program Development and Financial Control


Recrosport establishes suitable centre programs and activities to achieve a centre occupancy of 90% of available court time. In all cases, centre targets and budgets are established and monitored.


Centre Monitoring and Maintenance


Total centre maintenance and monitoring is undertaken according to the best and most economical practices based on three decades of experience.


Recrosport the Company – Case Study


Unley Stadium, Unley High School, SA


In 1994 Unley High School, South Australia approached ‘Life. Be in it’ to establish a joint use sports facility at the school. The centre was to be used by the school during school hours and by ‘Life. Be in it’ for community sports programs at other times. Recrosport Pty Ltd. had a contract with ‘Life. Be in it’ to develop and manage all the “Sport for All” centres developed under the ‘Life. Be in it’ program. Recrosport Pty Ltd became involved in working with the school to develop a plan for the facility and to arrange funding. Recrosport was then appointed to act as Project Manager for the design, documentation, construction and supervision of the building work. The new centre contains two full-size basketball I netball courts, toilets and change rooms, a school classroom, offices and other ancillary facilities. In addition, a new entrance road was established and an existing asphalt area was upgraded to serve as a car park for both the school students and community use. The cost of this new facility including some upgrading of the pre-existing facility was nearly A$1 million at the time. The school, through various avenues, raised A$400,000, and approached and received a grant of A$110,000 from the local municipal council. The balance of nearly $500,000 was raised by Recrosport Pty Ltd. and ‘Life. Be in it’. This capital contribution is being serviced from the community use of the centre. In addition, Recrosport is responsible for cleaning, lighting and fully maintaining the building, and the school contributes only its share of cleaning and electricity and otherwise has total and free use of the building during school hours. Major Centre Development example Recro port On completion of the centre, Recrosport Pty Ltd was appointed Centre Manager for a period of 50 years.


Recrosport, as Contract Managers, are fully responsible for meeting all of the commitments made by ‘Life. Be in it’ under the Joint Use Agreement which ‘Life. Be in it’ has with the school. Today Unley Sports Centre provides for a total of 160 junior teams and 270 senior teams each week in the sports of basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer. This represents a total of approximately 4,000 players per week as well as coaches, referees, administrators and supporters. The centre provides an opportunity for a large number of young people to participate in sporting activities. Unley High School has a first class sports centre for their exclusive daytime use and the centre is operating successfully with all costs met from the operating income. Other centres managed in Adelaide include Immanuel College where there is a total of 10 junior teams and 160 senior teams each week in Basketball, Netball and Indoor Soccer. This represents a total of 1,500 players, coaches, referees, administrators and supporters each week.


Our other centre – MARS Sports Centre provides for a total of 140 junior teams and 260 senior teams each week in Basketball and Netball. This represents a total of approximately 4,500 players per week as well as coaches, referees, administrators and supporters. Life. Be in it. Sport for All South Australia has a total of approximately 270 Junior and 690 Senior teams – total of 10,000 participants each week.



Recrosport Projects


The following centres have been designed and/or the building program managed by Recrosport since January 1990.

ACT Basketball & Netball Centre Canberra 4 courts $1,500,000

Altona Sports Centre 4 courts $1,300,000

Balwyn High School Sport Centre 2 courts $800,000

Bendigo Basketball Centre extension stand 3 courts $1,800,000 (plus a spectator stand) Broadford Sport for All Centre 2 courts $900,000

Bulleen Templestowe Youth Club Group

Caboolture Sport Centre Queensland 3 courts $1,600,000

Daramalin College Physical Centre Canberra 2 courts $1,200,000

Eltham High School 2 courts $900,000

Frankston Basketball Centre 4 courts $1,400,000

Frankston Netball Centre 2 courts $600,000

Geelong Grammar School 3 courts Design phase (pool upgrade. amenities, climbing wall $5,500,000)

Hawthorn Secondary College 1 court $510,000 (extension to existing facilities)

Kew High School Sport Centre 2 courts $260,000

Life. Be in it Sport for All Centre, Geelong* 6 courts

Life. Be in it Sport for All Centre, Berwick* 3 courts $1,400,000

Life. Be in it Sport for All Centre, Cranbourne* 5 courts $750,000

Life. Be in it Sport for All Centre, Oakleigh 4 courts $2,000,000

Life. Be in it Sport for All Centre, Unley High* 3 courts $900,000

Life. Be in it Sport for All, MARS Sports Centre* 3 courts Purchased

Life. Be in it Sport for All, Immanuel*

Lilydale Secondary College Sport Centre 2 courts $750,000

Loyola college Sport Centre Watsonia 1 court $1,000,000